SemIsrael Technology Week - a week full of technology!
three days dedicated for semiconductor professionals and one day dedicated for medical devices professionals. 

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We welcome vendors and suppliers for the Israeli semiconductor and medical devices communities to join us!


We will host some 100-120 per-conference  semiconductor professionals and medical devices professionals from all the Israeli semiconductor and medical devices communities; local companies & startups, local R&D offices of multinational, design houses, labs and universities.


Join us to maximize your exposure to your target market in Israel!

SemIsrael Technology Week  2018 is produced by SemIsrael - The Israeli Semiconductor Portal, and MDI - The Israeli Medical Devices Portal, organizers of SemIsrael Expo events, and producers of the annual Israeli Semiconductor and Medical Devices Posters/Calendars.


SemIsrael & MDI are the leading and most popular channels in Israel to reach the local semiconductor and medical devices communities; your target market and potential customers!


The Concept:

  • Complementary promotion opportunity to SemIsrael Expo (special pricing offer)

  • Come and meet your exact and focused potential partners and customers

  • Present your latest products and services to your segment-of-interest

  • Segmented, focused, 100-120 professionals-per-topic conferences

  • Free entrance to semiconductor & medical devices professionals, working with local companies

  • Unique luxurious venue, allowing perfect meeting and networking intimacy