IP & Cores

Using Machine Learning to Verify and Produce Timing Libraries 100X Faster for Digital Design and Signoff
Wei-Lii Tan, Product Manager, Mentor, A Siemens Business

Learn why eFPGA Adoption is Taking Off & How your SoC Can Benefit
Andy Jaros, VP Sales & Solutions Architecture, Flex Logix
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Enabling AI SoCs, using Power-Efficient IPs for “Automotive/IoT/Edge” Applications
Farzad Zarrinfar, Farzad Zarrinfar, Managing Director, IP Division, Mentor, a Siemens Business

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Application Optimized IP(TM) Improves Overall System Level Performance
Mo Faisal, CEO & Co-founder, Movellus
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FDSOI and FINFET Solutions for ESD and Analog I/Os
Koen Verhaege, Koen Verhaege, CEO, SOFICS
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Menta eFPGA Technology For a Changing World
Imen Baili, Sales Application Engineer, Menta
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Compilers and Developer Tools For Custom Software Programmable IPs
Ayonam RayDirector, R. R. Logic Systems
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Analog IP: A New Approach Using Design Automation
Andrew FarrugiaVP Marketing, Agile Analog
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IP Reuse - Understanding and Efficiently Tackling Process Technology Differences and its Impact on Circuit Functionality
Sowmyan RajagopalanFounder & CTO, Thalia
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High-speed Data Converters For 5G and LiDAR
Hyun BooHyun Boo, Co-founder, Senior Director Product Management, Omni Design Technologies
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IP Lifecycle Management
Michael MunseyVice President, Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Methodics
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Flexible Clocking Solutions in Advanced FinFet Processes From 16nm to 5nm
Andrew ColeVP Business Development, Silicon Creations
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Innovation trends in Analog IO design for high bandwidth interconnects, Automotive and IoT Applications
Abhijit DuttaHead of Mixed Signal Solutions, HCL Technologies
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Test & Package

Advanced IC Packaging Design & Verification Challenges
Keith Felton, Marketing Manager, Xpedition High Density Advanced Packaging
Mentor, a Siemens Business

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Addressing ISO 26262 test requirements with the “Tessent Safety Ecosystem”
Lee Harrison, Marketing Manager for Automotive IC Test Solutions, Mentor, A Siemens Business

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Advanced IC Packaging and Co-Design Solutions with Zuken Design Force
Iyad Rayane, European Technical solution's architect for the 3D-IC/Advanced Packaging and Co-Design Environment

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Lifetime Prediction and Qualification from MTOL, not HTOL!
Joseph Bernstein, Professor, Ariel University
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Front-end Design & Verification

Exploring Next Generation SoC Architectures with Virtual Platforms and RISC-V
Kevin McDermott, VP Marketing, Imperas Software Ltd.
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Achieving the Single Iteration Fault Campaign for Automotive IC’s
Ann Keffer, Product Management – Functional Safety, Mentor, a Siemens Business

Static Sign-Off: How Shifting Left & Multimode Tools Improve Design Efficiency
Oren Katzir, VP, Applications Engineering & Business Development, Real Intent

My code is Clean Starting Today!
Alex Marin, RnD Team Leader, AMIQ

Overcoming Challenges in SoC RTL Verification of USB Subsystem
Tijana MISIC, Senior SoC DV Engineer, Elsys Eastern Europe

Machine Learning Based Solutions in JasperGold
Habeeb Farah, Software engineering group director, Cadence Design Systems
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