SemIsrael is a media group, operating several technology websites and produces industry events and industry posters.


Our websites include:

SemIsrael - The Israeli Semiconductor Portal - the largest and most popular channel in Israel for semiconductor professionals

MDI - The Israeli Medical Devices Portal - a unique website, dedicated to the Israeli Medical Devices community, and 


semiconductor360 - the largest worldwide directory of the semiconductor industry.

Our flagship events are the annual SemIsrael Expo conference & exhibition, the leading professional event for the Israeli semiconductor community, and MDI Expo conference & exhibition, the leading professional event for the Israeli medical devices community.

We produce every year two posters/calendars for the two technology segments we cover - the semiconductor poster, and the medical devices poster. Each poster is printed and distributed in industry events and all participating companies.


Segmented Focused Per-Topic Conferences

SemIsrael Virtual Technology Week 2020 includes:

Three semiconductor topics:

Each conference is uniquely tailored for its target audience, with the right agenda and mix of exhibitors.


Here's why you should attend SemIsrael Virtual Technology Week 2020:

  • Join Online and meet the who's who in your field of expertise

  • Get the most updated current technology and know-how from leading vendors

  • Best networking event

  • Enjoy the unique quality of SemIsrael professional events